Welcoming 2021 with the principle of Wu Wei


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Welcoming 2021 with the principle of Wu Wei

Welcome back everybody and welcome to a new year. I thought I would start the year off with a little bit of writing on the concept of ‘Wu Wei’- a saying that dates back thousands of years. I think our ancestors were on to something here and their wisdom is needed now more than ever. 
‘Wu Wei’, is the ancient art of strategic non-action. In other words it could mean; going with the flow, or drifting with nature. The principle of wu wei refers to authenticity and is a reminder for us to make sure we are being present in our lives and accept the natural order of things. 
When we are being authentic and letting things flow or unfold before us, we are able to operate on the principle of minimal effort. Of course, this isn’t to be confused with laziness or apathy!  This principle reminds us that it is difficult to go against something or force something to happen and to focus our attention towards going with the flow, going down hill or going with the grain.
The natural cycles and rhythms of the world are aligned with the principle of wu wei, as are our own lives- if we are willing to be observant and present with the here and now.
Let’s take writing for example. If you feel uninspired and unmotivated in your endeavour, do not force yourself to write a perfect chapter. Instead, recognise the direction of the current and take care of yourself. Perhaps, take a walk. Then when you do feel inspired once again, take advantage of it and write with great determination.
What a beautiful thought to welcome in 2021. Lots of new things planned for the year ahead in the clinic. As always, looking forward to seeing everyone and serving the community of Gippsland.
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”- Lao Tzu 

Dr. Cat Tyndall (TCM) graduated with a Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture) from RMIT and holds a double degree in Nursing and Paramedicine. Together, these qualifications allow Cat to have an in depth understanding of the physiology of the body from both a Western perspective and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Cat brings a unique set of the skills and experiences to the clinic, having assisted the community during times of crisis in her role as a Paramedic over the last six years.

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