Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!

I am sitting here by the window looking outside at the fresh and rather warm air- today is going to be 35 degrees where I am. There are lots of colours in the garden and I am fortunate enough to have a stunning Japanese Maple at my window, which I just ADORE. For Cocoon Acupuncture (and myself), 2022 was as colourful, warm and rich as the garden looks today. We have had many highlights throughout the year and look froward to welcoming you in for some good old fashioned (ancient!) treatments when ever the time feels right.

A few highlights:

-2023 started out with the welcoming Dr. Weidi Chen to Cocoon Acupuncture, in Drouin. How lucky we have been for her to join us.

-In Feb, Weidi and myself attended some further training in the ‘Fertile Life Method’, for Chinese Medicine and integrative conception support (male + female).

-In April, I welcomed a child into the world- Oliver, who delights us all with his infectious smile and mop of ginger hair. For me as a practitioner, pregnancy and birth was such an amazing opportunity for learning and understanding how to support women during pregnancy and post-partum.

-In August, I was lucky enough to fly up to Cairns for a catch up with a colleague of mine, who runs a bustling clinic- Euneek You Health, and we furthered our knowledge on thyroid conditions for two full days.

-There has been lots of studying and learning in our household, with my husband Jay embarking on his TCM journey. We cannot wait for him to join us in clinic!

-Towards the end of the year we opened another clinic in Traralgon. This has been HUGE for us. So extremely huge. The end of last year saw us being swept off our feet by the amount of interest. I promise to let you all know about our new clinic very, very soon. In short, we are fully operational and will be back practising from Jan the 10th, 2023.

-Excitingly, we are very pleased to let you all know that another TCM practitioner will be joining us in Traralgon, starting this January. Her name is Sarah and we are THRILLED to have her on board.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout 2022. There is something extraordinarily special about you, the people of Gippsland. Genuinely. Thank you for your faith and trust. It is such an extreme amount of pleasure to be able to listen and walk with you through your experiences. I wonder what this year will bring for us all collectively and also individually? Lots of rich and happy memories I hope, ones that allow us to grow and develop wisdom.

Take care of one another & looking forward to catching you soon.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner- Cocoon Acupuncture

Dr. Cat Tyndall (TCM) graduated with a Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture) from RMIT and holds a double degree in Nursing and Paramedicine. Together, these qualifications allow Cat to have an in depth understanding of the physiology of the body from both a Western perspective and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Cat brings a unique set of the skills and experiences to the clinic, having assisted the community during times of crisis in her role as a Paramedic over the last six years.